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Arrive to Your Terminal in Comfort and Privacy with DropUp Valet Service

There is nothing quite like driving in your own car. Why should you have to ride in another vehicle to get from the off-site airport parking lot to Newark EWR airport? The answer is that you don’t. Keep reading to see how you can still travel to the airport in the comfort of your own vehicle:

  • DropUp Valet Service: Thanks to Park Plus Airport Parking’s DropUp valet service, you can be driven straight to your terminal in your own vehicle. Whether you plan to park for a few short days or use long-term airport parking, the DropUp valet service keeps you in comfort.


Newark Airport Parking

  • DropUp Return Service: When you return from your trip, the valet will return to the airport and pick you up in your own car. This service gives you all the convenience of driving yourself without having to deal with parking at Newark airport. You can start and end your trip feeling relaxed and in your own element. Even if you are tired after a long day of traveling, riding in the familiarity of your own vehicle will instantly brighten up your mood.
  • DropUp Added Benefits: Taking advantage of the DropUp service means that you do not have to worry about loading and unloading your luggage from the shuttle. You can also get a ride directly to your terminal. If you have children, you can leave the car seat in your own vehicle. The DropUp valet service makes it easy to park for your trips in and out of EWR.

Park Plus Airport Parking is here for you all day every day to provide affordable and convenient parking for Newark Liberty International Airport. Off-site airport parking keeps you conveniently close to the airport without the hassle of an airport parking lot. Before you take your next flight, visit our website or call (973) 273-1500 to learn more about our DropUp valet service. 

How Park Plus Has Your Back No Matter What Time Your Flight Arrives

Friendly Customer Service

Park Plus Airport Parking is here for you whenever you need us. Keep reading to see how your airport parking facility makes it easier than ever to travel at all times:

  • Shuttle Service All Day and Night: Our parking facility makes it easy and convenient to get to any terminal at Newark EWR. Since our shuttle service runs all day and all night, you can always find your way to the airport in time for your flight. Even if you land in the middle of the night, our shuttles will still be there to get you.
  • All Day Valet: Let someone else park your car in the Newark long-term airport parking facility with valet services that run all day. Whatever your flying time, a valet will always be able to assist you with your airport parking.
  • DropUp Anytime: If you prefer to ride in your own vehicle, the valet can drive you to the airport in your car. The DropUp service is another Park Plus Airport Parking service that is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Always Secure: You do not have to worry about picking up your car at night with a round-the-clock security service that makes sure the perimeter is always safe. You can feel confident in your safety with this ever-present security.
  • Constant Luggage Assistance: If you need a little extra help with your bags, you can get it at any time of the day. All you have to do is ask for someone to help you load your bags into the shuttle before a flight in the middle of the night.

With Park Plus Airport Parking’s convenient twenty-four hour service, you can safely park your car at any time of day. To learn more about our airport parking services, please visit us online or call (973) 273-1500.

Do You Fly Frequently? Then Consider Signing Up for Park Plus

As a frequent traveler, you have access to some great deals. One of the best ways to save money when you travel a lot is to take advantage of these great discounts and helpful membership programs for airport parking. Park Plus Airport Parking shows you that you are an appreciated customer with a frequent parking program. When you sign up for the program, you get:

  • The Best Perks of Newark EWR Parking: Park Plus Airport Parking offers some of the best benefits out of any airport parking facilities in or around Newark Liberty International Airport. Our frequent parking program is like the best of frequent flyer perks. With the option to valet park or park yourself, you can customize your frequent parking program to meet all of your needs.



  • Personalized Parking: When you sign up for a corporate account with the frequent parking program, you get an assigned parking spot. Each time you pull into the airport parking lot, you are guaranteed to have a space right near the airport shuttle. Not only do you get a ride directly to your terminal, but you do not even have to worry about getting from your parking spot to the shuttle.
  • Added Benefits: Airport parking should be easy, especially when you are such a frequent customer. This is why Park Plus Airport Parking offers the option of free online reservation. When you know you have to travel for business, you can set up your parking situation right from your computer. You can also choose to travel to and from your terminal in a VIP on-demand shuttle van service.

Park Plus Airport Parking likes to take care of is customers. With airport parking for Newark EWR available all day, every day, we give you the convenience you need when traveling. To learn more about our frequent airport parking program and corporate accounts, please visit us online or call (973) 273-1500.

Come Back to a Clean Car after Your Business Trip with Park Plus Airport Parking

Car wash

Coming home to a clean car after a long business trip is a great way to welcome yourself back to town. When you use long-term airport parking for Newark airport, you can enjoy a car wash service that keeps your car looking great for your return. When you leave your car with Park Plus Airport parking, you can always return home to an extremely clean car. Here are some of the benefits of our car-washing service:

  • Improve Your Mood
    Nobody likes a dirty car! Washing our car is something that seems to linger on our to-do list for days. Now, after a long tiring trip, you can arrive home with something already crossed off your to-do list: a car wash.
  • Minimize Your Chores
    Regular washings help keep your car’s paint in good shape. Dislodging dirt and other particles that are on the surface of your vehicle will prevent premature fading and scratches. Having the car wash service in the airport parking facility gives you the benefits without the work. The parking facility takes care of the washing for you so you can come home and enjoy a clean, well-painted car.
  • Maintain Your Car’s Value
    Taking good care of your car is one of the best ways to keep its resale value high. With a car wash service at the airport parking facility, you can continue your maintenance even when you are away. Whether you are leaving for a short business trip or a long-term commitment, the car wash service will keep your car looking great.

Park Plus Airport Parking offers affordable alternatives to EWR parking. We also have a car wash service so you can return to a clean and ready car. To learn more about our parking or washing services, please visit us online or call (973) 273-1500.

Packing and Relaxation Tips for your Next Trip

holiday stuff

Don’t let your next trip out of EWR be a chaotic and stressful experience. Park Plus Airport Parking strives to make your Newark airport parking experience as peaceful as possible, but try these websites for tips to make packing and the rest of trip peaceful as well!

  • Parking off-site and following these relaxation techniques will help you avoid stress when traveling.
  • If you hate to travel, the tips listed on this blog post will help you make your trip as pleasant as possible.
  • These packing tips from USA Today will help you fit your belongings into a carry-on.
  • Get some great packing tips for a family vacation from this Frommer’s article.

If you’re planning a trip, Like Parking Plus Airport Parking on Facebook for a special promotional rate and call us at (973) 273-1500 to make your reservation.

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