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Top Reasons to Choose Park Plus Airport Parking

There are many reasons to choose Park Plus Airport Parking, such as the many Newark airport parking locations, the discount parking program, or our many additional services. Park Plus has expanded to offer customers better parking services and more locations around four different airports. Let’s take a better look at these great reasons to choose airport parking with Park Plus.

Various Locations

One of the greatest reasons to choose Park Plus Airport Parking is our many convenient locations. Park Plus services four different airports—JFK Airport, LaGuardia Airport, Westchester County Airport, and Newark Liberty Airport—with multiple airport parking lots for each location. Each parking location is safe, secure, and available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In addition to these many parking locations, Park Plus customers can participate in the airport parking program, no matter which location they choose.

Airport Parking Program

Park Plus Airport Parking has one of the best Frequent Parking programs available. Customers who become Frequent Parker Members can earn various rewards, such as free parking and free car washes. The Park Plus Frequent Parking program rewards customers who are loyal to Park Plus and the standard of customer service we provide.

Helpful Services

Park Plus Airport Parking is dedicated to providing a high level of service to our loyal customers. Those who park with Park Plus parking at JFK and our other airport locations can expect safe and protected parking lots. They can also take advantage of our free shuttle service, DropUp service, car washings, valet parking, and luggage assistance. These services are made to make the parking and traveling experience less stressful and more comfortable for all customers, whether they are on a family vacation or a business trip.

Please call Park Plus Airport Parking at our Newark location with (973) 273-1500. We offer Newark airport parking along with Newark airport parking coupons near New Jersey. Please visit us online or call us to learn more about our many parking services.

Make Traveling with Kids Simpler Using Valet Service

Traveling with your kids should be a fun experience. However, traveling with kids can be stressful when you are navigating JFK parking lots and trying to make your flight on time. You can reduce your traveling stress and stay in the comfort of your own vehicle with valet service. Continue reading to see how family traveling will be much simpler with valet service at your airport’s parking lots.

Valet service allows you to stay in your vehicle on the way to and back from the airport. This service makes it easier to transport kids, especially if you prefer not to carry heavy car seats onto a shuttle van. While you are on your vacation, your vehicle will be held in a secure parking lot at JFK. Your vehicle will be waiting outside of the terminal when you get back, and your entire family can head home in the comfort of your own vehicle.

Parking at JFK near New York has never been easier. Take advantage of Park Plus Airport Parking’s long-term parking at JFK by calling us at (718) 529-1234.

Avoid Wrinkled Clothing With This Packing Method

There are many ways to pack clothing, but there is a great packing method to prevent wrinkles in your clothing. Watch the attached video on wrinkle-free packing before you head out to your Newark airport parking spot. Read on to learn more.

Avoid wrinkling your clothes by packing them in one tight bundle. Layer each piece of clothing on top of each other. Piece by piece, wrap the clothing around the growing bundle of clothes in the middle. This will prevent your clothes from developing wrinkles in your luggage.

You can avoid wrinkles and stress during your airport parking experience with Park Plus Airport Parking. We offer daily Newark airport parking and long-term parking for your convenience. Please call us at (973) 273-1500 to learn more about all of our airport parking options near New Jersey.

Highlighting the Perks of Park Plus Shuttle Service

It is easier to navigate JFK parking lots when travelers know they have access to Park Plus’ shuttle service. Travelers soon become Park Plus passengers in beautiful Mercedes-Benz Vans that are driven by skilled and safe drivers. These drivers are committed to delivering exceptional service and luggage assistance. Read on for more highlights about Park Plus’ shuttle service.

Ride in Comfortable Style

Park Plus at JFK utilizes 2014 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans for transport of all passengers. These vans carry the latest in braking safety technology, so passengers will feel secure while traveling through the JFK parking lots and driveways. Mercedes-Benz Vans also feature excellent interiors with cushioned seats, exceptional air control, and ample leg and arm space. Passengers can travel to and from the airport in comfort and style.

Receive Luggage Assistance

Luggage assistance is a great help when traveling. Passengers may have several pieces of luggage or very heavy bags. The Park Plus shuttle service provides passengers with strong and helpful luggage assistance in and out of the shuttle. This free service is a great benefit to passengers who need extra help with their bags or simply wish to relax in the comfortable Mercedes-Benz Van.

Receive Reliable Transportation

It is essential that passengers know they can depend on reliable transportation to and from the airport. When passengers book parking at JFK, they can count on the free Park Plus shuttle service to deliver them safely to their terminal. When those same passengers come back from vacation or a business trip, they will receive a ride back to their parking spot where their vehicle has been safe and secure. Passengers can better enjoy their trips when they know they have reliable transportation waiting for them.

Learn more about the many perks of Park Plus Airport Parking and our shuttle service by calling our JFK location at (718) 529-1234. We have safe and dependable drivers for our shuttle service and valet parking at our JFK parking lots near New York. Please visit us online or call us to learn more and reserve a parking space.

Packing Smarter for Your Flight

Packing Smarter for Your Flight

Before arriving at the Newark airport parking lot, make sure that you have packed your essentials. These should include snacks and travel-sized toiletries. Watch the short video and continue reading to see how you can pack smarter.

Pack a portable charger for your electronic devices. Use travel-sized bottles to carry samples of your daily toiletries, such as a facial cleanser and moisturizer. Buy snacks and protein bars before entering your Newark airport parking lot. This will save you from having to purchase expensive airport food.

Just as you should pack smarter, so too should you park smarter with Park Plus Airport Parking. With our EWR parking and Newark airport parking coupons, you can save yourself time and travel expenses. Please call (973) 273-1500 to reserve your Newark parking spot near New Jersey.

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