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Understanding Why Offsite Parking is the Superior Airport Parking Option

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Parking at EWR comes with a lot of potential stress. When looking for airport parking, why choose the option that will raise your blood pressure and empty your pockets? Park off-site to avoid these unappealing situations:

  • Parking Spot Availability
    Each year, about 36 million people travel through Newark International Airport. With so many travelers, the airport parking lots fill up quickly. You might have a lot of trouble finding a spot when you park at the airport. Once you do find one, you have to trek back to your terminal with all of your luggage. An off-site parking lot gives you access to plenty of available parking and assistance with your bags. When you park off-site, you save yourself the trouble of fighting for a spot and reduce preflight stress.
  • A Dirty Car or a Clean Car
    If you leave your car sitting in the airport parking lot, it will probably be in a pretty bad state when you return. Some off-site airport parking, like Park Plus Airport Parking, has a car wash service that will have your car spotless when you return. Coming home to a clean car may be just what you need have a tiring trip.
  • Daily Costs
    Parking at the airport is going to cost you. Avoid expensive parking fees by utilizing an off-site Newark airport parking lot. Whether you are looking for short or long-term airport parking, an off-site lot will have more cost-effective prices. Use the money you save on parking to have more fun on your vacation.

Park Plus Airport Parking gives you an inexpensive, quick and convenient way to park before a flight at EWR. Our lots are monitored all day by security to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Call (973) 273-1500 for more information and to make your reservation.

3 Reasons Not to Park at the Airport


When you think of the airport, you think long lines, bad attitudes from stressed out people, expensive food, and lugging around heavy suitcases as you race to make your flight. Why not make your next flight out of Newark International Airport as chaos-free as possible? Read on to learn how parking off-site at Newark Airport can help you avoid the following stresses:

  1. Long Lines
    Airports are always full of people in hurry, especially during peak flying hours. The last thing you want is to show up to the airport with only minutes to park and find that several parking lots are already at capacity. You’ll have to wait with the other travelers to get into another lot farther away. The shuttle service at Park Plus Airport Parking can help you avoid this scenario altogether and get you to your terminal early enough to avoid the long check-in and security lines inside.
  2. Bad Attitudes
    It’s no surprise patience runs short for most people working at the airport and people trying to make it through the tedious parking, check-in, security and boarding process. Take advantage of your opportunities to make the process easier! Avoid the over-priced airport parking lots and you won’t have to risk being turned away due to the lots being full. At an off-site parking facility, you can deal with friendly valet attendants who are eager to help you get to your terminal on time and give you the best experience possible.
  3. Expensive Costs
    Airport parking rates seem to be consistently on the rise. Give your wallet a break by parking at an off-site facility that offers you an economical alternative to the airport. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, cutting costs where you can makes your whole trip easier. Why throw away money on long-term parking at the airport when you can park off-site and save some significant cash?

With the affordable and convenient services of Park Plus Airport Parking, there is no need to deal with the stresses of parking at the airport. Our company always has plenty of Newark airport parking, friendly attendants, and much lower costs. We have great specials going on right now so give us a call at (973) 273-1500 to learn more our parking services.


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"P6 Closed due to no spaces available please use parking lots P1/P3".

More info @

Don't mess with airport parking. Visit Park Plus Airport Parking. Next to airport, $11.00 per day, Mercedes Benz shuttles, Call us 973-273-1500.


THE FOLLOWING IMPORTANT ALERT WAS ISSUED BY NEWARK LIBERTY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: Daily Parking Garage P-4 at Newark Liberty Int'l Airport is currently FULL. Please use Valet Parking at P-4, ($40. Day) Or Daily Parking Lot P-3 ($24. Day) P6 IS ALSO CLOSED AT THIS TIME. For more info visit: For stress free parking Call Park Plus Airport Parking 973-273-1500.

Make Your Next Trip Stress-Free with These Travel Tips!

Newark International Airport

Traveling can be a chaotic and stressful experience if you’re not prepared. Park Plus Airport Parking is all about making your airport parking experience as convenient and smooth as possible. Try these websites for making the rest of your trip as stress-free as possible.

  • When traveling for business, use these tips from The New York Times to help make the trip as convenient and hassle-free as possible.
  • Make your next business trip a success with the help of the suggestions found in this article.
  • Parking near your local airport may be easy, but you may need help getting around in new cities when you land.
  • These tips from the Transportation Security Administration will help you make it through security without hassle so you can make it to your gate on time.
  • Are you getting ready to travel abroad? Use this advice from the US Department of State to have a stress-free trip.

If you are looking for a convenient option for Newark airport parking, call Park Plus Airport Parking at (973) 273-1500.

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