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United Airlines Check-In Tips

Are you flying with United Airlines? Surely you’ve already planned for a smooth process outside the airport by making reservations with an offsite airport parking company like Park Plus Airport Parking. Now you can make your experience in the airport a breeze too! United Airlines makes it easy to get ready for your flight before you even leave the house.

As you learn in this video, enables you to enter your contact information so the airline can contact you if there is in issue with your flight. You can also check your bags online, saving both time and money. Check into your flight using your phone and a paperless boarding barcode to make your travels even easier.

These check-in tips and the help of Park Plus Airport Parking will get you to your gate with minimal stress. To learn more about our Newark airport parking, please call (973) 273-1500.

Great Tips for Keeping Track of Your Luggage!

Keeping track of your luggage when traveling can be difficult, especially if you have to check a bag. Taking a few precautions before your flight will help ensure that your bags arrive where you do when you do.

Checked bags should be under fifty pounds to avoid additional charges. Place an ID tag on the outside of the bag and the inside so you can differentiate your bag from others. Check to make sure that your bags have the same destination before you even get onto the flight.

Park Plus Airport Parking can help you with your luggage before you get to the airport. With our luggage assistance services, we make it easy to get from our economical airport parking lot directly to your terminal. Visit our website or call (973) 273-1500 to learn about our Newark airport parking.

The Advantage of Using Park Plus Parking Over the Airport Parking Lot


Newark airport parking does not need to be an added stress to your travel plans. When you take advantage of the premium service at Park Plus Parking, you can start your trip off right. Skip the hassle of parking at the airport. Park Plus Parking gives you these amazing perks:

  • Monthly Parking Program
    As a frequent flyer, you get discounts on your plane fares, so why shouldn’t you receive the same treatment for your airport parking? At Park Plus Parking, you can. With the Monthly Parking Program, you get some of the best prices, a faster check-in and check-out time, and the convenience of an itemized receipt. We love helping you save money and making your travels more convenient.
  • Valet Services
    Your EWR parking experience should be a pleasant one. With our valet services, attendants are always waiting to help you improve your experience. Every valet is well-trained in parking etiquette and safety, ensuring that each interaction is friendly and helpful. Every valet at Park Plus Parking is more than happy to serve you.
  • Free Shuttle Service
    Off-site parking is only helpful if you have a way to get to the airport. Park Plus Parking offers a free shuttle service that runs twenty-four hours a day. With stress-free transportation that runs between the airport and our parking facility, you can relax and enjoy your travels. Each shuttle can comfortably fit up to twelve people and their luggage, so you can always find an available shuttle. A helpful driver will make your long-term airport parking experience pleasant and easy.

Park Plus Airport Parking is here to provide you a safe and economical alternative to parking at Newark EWR. Our staff is here all day, every day to ensure that you have the best parking service available. Call us at (973) 273-1500 to learn more about our plentiful parking opportunities.

Taking a Red Eye? Park Plus has Your Back No Matter What Time Your Flight Departs or Arrives!

Open 24/7

Park Plus Airport Parking is here for you 24-7! Keep reading to see how our Newark airport parking facility makes it easier than ever to travel at all times:

  • Shuttle Service All Day and Night
    Our parking facility makes it easy and convenient to get to any terminal at Newark EWR. Since our shuttle service runs all day and all night, you can always find your way to the airport in time for your flight. Even if you land in the middle of the night, our shuttles will still be there to get you.
  • All Day Valet
    Let someone else park your car in the Newark long-term airport parking facility with valet services that run all day. Whatever your flying time, a valet will always be able to assist you with your airport parking.
  • DropUp Anytime
    If you prefer to ride in your own vehicle, the valet can drive you to the airport in your car. The DropUp service is another Park Plus Airport Parking service that is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Always Secure
    You do not have to worry about picking up your car at night with a round-the-clock security service that makes sure the perimeter is always safe. You can feel confident in your safety with this ever-present security. Just make sure to drive home carefully as well.
  • Constant Luggage Assistance
    Tired after a long flight and no sleep? If you need a little extra help with your bags, you can get it at any time of the day. Our luggage assistance is a service we’re happy to provide to our customers!

With Park Plus Airport Parking’s convenient twenty-four hour service, you can safely park your car at any time of day. To learn more about our Newark airport parking services, please visit us online or call (973) 273-1500.

Need Help Getting In and Out of the Airport? No Problem!

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Traveling by plane should not be emotionally, physically, and mentally difficult. When you use an off-site airport parking lot, you have access to services that help you get in and out of the airport. Stop struggling to do it all on your own and take advantage of helpful services. Keep reading to see how Park Plus Airport Parking can help you travel with ease:

  • Accessibility Assistance
    We offer highly-trained attendants who are eager to help anyone who might require additional assistance with their travels. Whether you are in a wheelchair, on crutches, or just need help stepping in and out of a shuttle, we are here for you. This assistance makes it easier to enjoy traveling, even to and from our off-site EWR parking lot.
  • DropUp Service
    The valet service at Park Plus Airport Parking can drive you to your terminal in your own vehicle. Once you are safely inside the airport, the valet will then drive your car back to the lot and prepare it for short or long-term airport parking. When you return from the trip, an attendant will come back to the airport in your car to pick you up.
  • Luggage Assistance
    It can be hard to manage all of your bags, especially when preparing for a family vacation. Our EWR parking services include assistance with your luggage. Once you drop off your car, we can help you unload your bags and place them in our Mercedes shuttles. Each shuttle has more than enough room for twelve passengers and their bags.

Take advantage of these great services on your next trip to EWR! We’ve got some amazing specials going on right now so give us a call at (973) 273-1500 to make your reservation and save money on your Newark airport parking.

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