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Traveling for Business? Learn How to Pack a Men's Suit into a Suitcase

Dark suit bags are the best way to travel with a suit, but not always the most practical way. Luckily, there is a way to pack a suit in a suitcase while minimizing wrinkles.

When packing a men’s suit, flip the jacket inside out—but don’t turn the sleeves inside out. Basically, you want an inside-out jacket that looks like it has no arms. This way the sleeves stay protected and cushion the rest of the suit. Fold the jacket across the midsection, or don’t fold it at all if the suitcase is big enough. Pants get folded in the middle and placed on top of the jacket. Watch this video for a visual demonstration.

Take advantage of our luggage assistance services at Park Plus Airport Parking in Newark. Our employees are trained and eager to help you with your luggage if you need assistance. Check out our reasonable rates and exceptional services the next time you need long-term parking at the Newark Liberty International Airport. Give us a call at (347) 765-1082.

Signs You Should Consider a Corporate Account with Park Plus Airport Parking

Woman buying car.

If your business is in and out of the airport on a regular basis, you’ll benefit from a Park Plus Airport Parking corporate account. These corporate parking packages are popular with business clients who need consistent service, discounted rates, and a more convenient airport parking experience. Here are some signs that a corporate account may be right for you and your business.

You Travel Out of Newark Often
If your business requires several flights be taken out of Newark each month, consider a corporate account to save you money on parking. These accounts offer better rates—and the more you park, the more parking points you earn. You’ll get one parking point for every dollar spent and can use your parking points towards free services. Why pay full price every time?

You Want to Save Time at the Airport
A corporate account also saves you time parking at the airport. Corporate parking packages include assigned parking spaces with the name of your company on the spot. This way, you’ll always have a place to park and you’ll always know exactly where that space is. On top of that, the assigned parking space or spaces are located close to the 24/7 shuttle vans so you can park and be on your way quickly. And with online account reservation and membership services, managing your corporate account is easy and can be done from anywhere with an Internet connection. 

You Want Special Treatment for Your Traveling Employees 
Your employees work hard for you, and with a corporate parking package, you save money while showing them how much their hard work is appreciated. With optional valet services and free, on-demand VIP shuttle van service to and from Newark Liberty International Airport, your traveling employees will be treated with the kind of respect they deserve.

Park Plus Airport Parking makes business travel out of Newark, NJ easy for professionals. Our valet attendants and parking lot staff go the extra mile to make sure you don’t have to deal with crowded parking lots while saving you money the whole time. Take advantage of our corporate airport parking accounts and airport parking discounts by calling (347) 765-1082 today.

Get The Most Out of Your Next Flight By Parking With Park Plus Airport Parking

Business People in the Airport

Park Plus Airport Parking goes the extra mile to make flying into and out of Newark’s EWR airport easier. That’s why we’ve gathered these flying tips to help you out with your next trip. Explore these links to learn more.

  • Do you know what to do if you’ve missed your flight? Find out from USA Today’s travel column.
  • If you have a little one in tow, than you’ll need to pack some extra things before boarding the plane. Check out this checklist for traveling with a toddler from
  • Can you bring nail clippers on a plane or not? Well, yes, as long as they don’t have any sort of blade attached. Get the official scoop from the TSA.
  • Nobody likes baggage fees, and they seem to keep going up in price. Learn how to pack like a pro from The New York Times
  • Do you constantly travel for work? CNN has some awesome business trip packing tips just for you.

Park Plus Airport Parking is Newark airport’s most convenient parking company. We offer valet services, drop-off services, and frequent parking programs to our customers. Give us a call for information about parking at the EWR airport at (347) 765-1082.


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Common Items You Can No Longer Take on Airplanes

Airport Security

Airport security isn’t what it used to be. There are more restrictions on what you can and cannot place in your carry-on bag. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the rules of carryon luggage to save you time getting through security and to avoid having to throw away some of your belongings before takeoff. Here are some common items you can’t take through security or on airplanes:

Outside Beverages
The “outside” in outside beverages refers to drinks bought prior to security screening. Beverages you buy once you have gone through the security screening area, however, are okay. The boarding area often has several vendors that sell soda, coffee, tea, and other beverages. So, as long as you buy drinks after going through security, you can bring them on the plane.

Nail Clippers with Attached Blade 
It is now perfectly fine to bring nail clippers on a plane, just so long as they don’t have a blade attached. This wasn’t always the case. Soon after 9-11, nail clippers were not permitted as carry-on items. But as time went on the TSA modified their list and reversed that decision. While nail clippers with an attached blade are still not permitted for obvious reasons, nail clippers with a dull-point nail file are okay.

Cosmetic Liquid and Gels Over 3 Ounces
You’ll have to leave those big bottles of shampoo, large tubes of toothpaste, and other bigger containers of beauty or hygienic products at home. But don’t worry; you won’t have to sit through that 12-hour flight without brushing your teeth. You can bring liquids like these as long as they’re kept in three-ounce containers and placed in your carryon inside a see-through sealable bag. 

Park Plus Airport Parking wants to make your experience flying in or out of Newark easier on you. We have a friendly staff of parking lot attendants and valet drivers to help keep your car safe and answer any questions you might have about the passenger experience at Newark Liberty International Airport. We’ll even drop you and your luggage off at your terminal. Give our Newark airport parking lot service a call today at (973) 273-1500 for more information.

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