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Packing Smarter for Your Flight

Packing Smarter for Your Flight

Before arriving at the Newark airport parking lot, make sure that you have packed your essentials. These should include snacks and travel-sized toiletries. Watch the short video and continue reading to see how you can pack smarter.

Pack a portable charger for your electronic devices. Use travel-sized bottles to carry samples of your daily toiletries, such as a facial cleanser and moisturizer. Buy snacks and protein bars before entering your Newark airport parking lot. This will save you from having to purchase expensive airport food.

Just as you should pack smarter, so too should you park smarter with Park Plus Airport Parking. With our EWR parking and Newark airport parking coupons, you can save yourself time and travel expenses. Please call (973) 273-1500 to reserve your Newark parking spot near New Jersey.

Try These Travel-Savvy Tips the Next Time You Head to the Airport

Planning a stress-free trip should be done well before you enter the JFK parking lot. Double-checking your flight information and luggage are just a few things that will help you have a relaxed traveling experience. Read on for more helpful tips from travel-savvy fliers.

Tip #1: Double-Check Flight Information

While booking your flight and in the days leading up to it, always double check your flight information. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to misread the time, airport code, or destination of your flight. Double-check to see that your personal information is correct as well. If you show up to the security line at the airport, and your name is misspelled from your official identification, then you risk missing your flight.

Tip #2: Make Wise Packing Choices

How you pack your checked luggage and carryon bag can make or break your flight and trip experiences. If possible, pack a carryon-sized bag with everything you need for the trip. This way you can avoid the luggage carousel and head straight to the airport parking lot to get your car. In your carryon, ensure that you follow all luggage rules mandated by the Transportation Security Administration, or TSA. Check your bags at home and not in the JFK parking lot. This will save you time and stress before your flight.

Tip #3: Research Airport Details

It is always helpful to research the airport you are leaving from and flying to. Find out what types of restaurants and amenities each airport offers. If you have children or a long layover, then this information will be essential to a stress-free and successful trip. If you are parking at either airport, then research their parking lots and rates. This will be added to your travel budget.

When you fly through JFK International Airport, choose Park Plus Airport Parking for all of your parking at JFK. We offer discounted services and JFK parking coupons near New York for your convenience. Call us today at (718) 529-1234 to learn more.

Steps You Can Take to Avoid Missing a Flight

Locating a Newark airport parking lot may be stressful without a reservation, but missing a flight may be even worse. However, you can avoid these mishaps with parking reservations and these helpful steps:

Research Construction Conditions

Always research the construction and traffic conditions for your airport route. You may unknowingly make yourself late for a flight by getting caught in new construction or rush-hour traffic. There are several smartphone apps or radio station updates that can tell you where construction sites, car accidents, or traffic slowdowns are located throughout the city.

Remember Check-In Times

Most airlines require you to check in to your flight. Even if you have a reserved seat, you may need to confirm your seat status. It is best to check into your flight as soon as you are able. You can avoid ticket lines or kiosk lines at the airport by checking in online or through a smartphone app. With your seat and ticket status confirmed, you can go straight to security and reach your terminal with plenty of time to spare.

Avoid Tight Connections

It may seem tempting to book close flight connections to avoid longer travel times. However, if you make your connections too close, then you risk missing one or more of your flights. To avoid missing a flight, choose connecting flights that have two or more hours between them. This will give you plenty of time to deplane and travel to your next flight’s terminal.

Use Airport Services

If you are flying out of a large airport, such as Newark, then take advantage of nearby airport parking and shuttle services. The shuttle drivers in the Newark Liberty parking lots know their way around the airport. They can get you to your terminal with plenty of time to spare before your flight.

Take advantage of Park Plus Airport Parking’s Newark airport parking services. We offer quick shuttle services to and from our Newark parking lots near New Jersey. Please call (973) 273-1500 to reserve our services.

Our Valet Service Allows You to Enjoy the Comfort of Your Own Vehicle

Park Plus Airport Parking is dedicated to providing our customers with every convenience while they travel to and from JFK’s parking lots. To make your traveling more comfortable, Park Plus Airport Parking offers valet services to take you to and from the airport terminal. Read on to see some of the many benefits that come with Park Plus’s JFK valet services.

With our valet services, you will not have to worry about parking at JFK. Instead, you can stay in your vehicle while one of our safe drivers drives you directly to your terminal. You can easily unload your luggage and head into the airport. Once you fly back into town, a driver will bring your vehicle straight to you, and you can be on your way back home.

Park Plus Airport Parking offers a variety of JFK parking services, such as parking coupons, valet, and JFK long-term parking in New York. Let us keep you comfortable during your travels. Please visit us online or call our JFK office at (718) 529-1234 to ask about our services.

How to Pack the Perfect Carry-On Bag

When you are making a quick weekend trip, you don't want to stress about checking a bag. Instead, you can just throw everything in your carry-on piece and go along with your journey. While that may sound like the easy option, fitting everything into your small bag might present a challenge. But don't worry, this video will help you plan and pack your perfect carry-on luggage.

After packing and preparing for your trip, don't forget to make your reservation with Park Plus Airport Parking. You don't need to stress about parking with everything else going on when travelling. We will take care of your car while you go on your journey.

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