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Keeping Your Passport Safe

Losing your belongings isn’t fun, and it can be especially inconvenient if you lose something important while you’re traveling. Although you can use a JFK parking service to ensure that you don’t lose your parking spot, you’ll need to take different measures to hold onto your passport. Continue reading for tips on keeping your passport safe.

You don’t want to lose your passport while you’re traveling, as this can make getting home much more challenging. At the same time, it also means that someone has your personal details. In order to keep your passport safe, make sure you store it the right way. It’s wise to keep it in a safe in your hotel room so no one else can get to it. If you need to take it with you, try to keep it hidden while it’s on your person.

Are you worried about keeping your passport safe while you’re traveling? Call Park Plus Airport Parking at (718) 529-1234 or come in and meet with us. We can take care of JFK Airport long term parking in New York so you’ll have one less issue to worry about. Alternatively, you can view our website for details about our airport parking services.

What Can and Can't Go in Your Carry-On

Understanding what you can and cannot pack in your carry-on can save you time and stress when checking into the Newark Airport. Once you know that you cannot bring large tools—but you can pack electronic devices—then you can leave for the Newark Airport parking lot ready for your vacation. Read on for more about packing your carry-on.

You can carry electronic devices.

Most airlines prohibit electronic devices in checked luggage, so it is necessary to keep your electronics with you. Electronic devices will include: Your cellphone, tablet, and laptop. There may be some restrictions following recalls of certain items, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Follow your flight attendant’s instructions about how to handle your electronic devices.

You can’t carry sharp objects.

Sharp objects may be used as a weapon. Anything longer than four inches will be confiscated, and this includes nail files and tools. Pack these items in your checked luggage to ensure they arrive at your destination. It is possible that sharp items less than four inches in length may not be accepted in a carry-on, but that decision will be made by an individual TSA agent.

You can carry certain liquids.

Remember the “3-1-1 Rule” before arriving at the EWR parking lot. You can only carry liquids in a 3.4 ounce or less container, and all must fit into one quart-sized, sealable plastic bag. Only one bag is allowed to each person. This is important to remember in case you bring eye drops, travel toothpastes, or travel hair products.

You can’t carry big equipment.

Carry-ons have dimension requirements set forth by each airline. You are not allowed to bring on large sports equipment or tools. See if you can rent these items at your destination, or you can check large equipment as luggage.

Trust your carry-ons and luggage with the hard-working shuttle drivers of Park Plus Airport Parking. We offer complimentary shuttle services when you choose our Newark Airport parking lots for your short and long-term parking in Newark. Please call us at (973) 273-1500 to learn more about our airport parking services near New Jersey.

Tips for Planning a Hassle-Free Trip to the Airport

There are many ways to plan a hassle-free vacation and trip to JFK airport, such as planning and researching as much about your destinations as possible. If you can plan your route to the airport to avoid traffic conditions and reserve your JFK parking spot, then you can prevent much of your pre-vacation stress. Let’s look at some other helpful tips to keep your trip to the airport hassle-free.

Tip #1: Check Traffic Conditions

Traffic jams, construction zones, and car accidents are one of the most common stressors during a trip to the airport. Even when you leave on time for the airport, you can still show up late due to various traffic conditions. It is imperative that you check traffic conditions for the different routes to the airport. You can make traveling decisions using different smartphone apps for road conditions and traveling.

Tip #2: Reserve Off-Site Parking

Airports, like JFK and Newark Airport, are often busy with various shuttles driving by, passenger pickups, and walking travelers. You can avoid these stressful and hazardous conditions by reserving off-site airport parking. When you reserve parking at a JFK off-site lot, a spot will be held for you until your arrival. The lot attendant can tell you where the best parking space is, and you will not have to contend with other travelers in search of a parking spot. Reserving a spot ahead of your trip will prevent stress from ruining your upcoming vacation.

Tip #3: Use Shuttle Services

In addition to having a spot at a JFK parking lot, you can take advantage of free shuttle services to take you to and from the airport from your vehicle. This complimentary service can get you to and from the airport through the quickest routes, so you can stay safe and free of driving stress.

Make sure the beginning and end of your trips are hassle-free with Park Plus Airport Parking. We offer free shuttle services, valet parking, and car washes at our JFK parking lots near New York. Please visit us online and call us at (718) 529-1234 to reserve your parking spot.

Is Our DropUp Service Right for You?

If you enjoy a stress-free trip to the airport and vacation, then Park Plus Airport Parking’s DropUp service is the perfect choice. Our DropUp service is available for our Newark Airport parking customers, and you can benefit too. DropUp service keeps you in your vehicle until you reach the airport. Continue reading to learn more about our DropUp service and if it is right for you.

Park Plus Airport Parking’s DropUp service keeps you and your family in your vehicle while a trained driver drives you straight to your airport terminal. You will not have to worry about hauling car seats to an airport parking shuttle, and your luggage will stay with you until you reach the airport. Your vehicle will then be safely parked in our Newark Liberty parking lot until your return flight. A driver will bring your vehicle to your terminal, and you can be on your way home. If you value time and easy traveling, then our DropUp service is perfect for you.

Use Park Plus Airport Parking’s DropUp service for hassle-free Newark Airport parking. Please call our Newark office at (973) 273-1500 to reserve our Newark Liberty parking in New Jersey.

How to Get Some Shut-Eye During Your Flight

Sleeping on airplanes can be difficult, but there are certain items to pack that can help you rest during your flight. Be sure to pack these helpful sleep aids before you reach the JFK parking lot, so you can go into your trip stress-free. Here is a better look at how to sleep during a plane ride:

As you can see in the video, a firm neck pillow is a great addition to your carry-on. A neck pillow can support your neck and head while you focus on sleeping. You can also spray lavender oil onto the pillow surface. Lavender scents help relax your mind and body to allow better rest.

Leave your airport parking worries to the experts of Park Plus Airport Parking. We have several JFK parking lots and complimentary shuttle service for your convenience. Please call us at (718) 529-1234 when you are considering parking at JFK or require JFK long-term parking in New York.

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