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How to Prepare Your Pet for Airplane Travel

If you hate the thought of leaving your furry friend at home when you jet off for your next vacation, consider bringing your cat or dog along for the journey. By planning ahead and reserving a JFK parking spot, you can ease your stress when you arrive at the airport with your pet in tow. To help you plan ahead for your upcoming journey, here are some tips for preparing your pet for airplane travel.

Introduce the Crate

Most airlines require pets to be secured in crates when they fly. To help make the flight as stress-free as possible, start getting your pet accustomed to the crate well in advance of your travel date. You can help your pet create positive associations with the crate by placing tasty treats or beloved toys inside.

Visit the Vet

Before you take your pet on a plane, you will need to make sure that it is healthy enough to make the journey. Pets that are very old or that have severe health issues could be in danger of complications when they travel by air. During your veterinary appointment, you can also get your pet caught up on any vaccinations that may be required by the airline.

Find Comforting Objects

Flying can cause many pets to get severely anxious. Whether you will be separated from your pet, or you will have him or her in the cabin with you, consider comforting your animal by bringing along a soft toy or shirt that smells like home. The smell of a familiar object may be enough to help your pet remain relaxed, throughout the flight.

At Park Plus Airport Parking, we are pleased to offer JFK long term parking near New Jersey. Whether you are travelling alone, or you are with your family and pets, we will be happy to provide you with parking at JFK. For additional information about our airport parking rates, call our JFK location at (718) 529-1234.

Learn the Value of Valet

At Park Plus Airport Parking, valet services are among the terrific offerings that we provide to our customers who choose for JFK parking. When you park at our JFK parking garage, be sure to ask us about our valet services. Valet can provide you with terrific benefits in the hours leading up to your next flight. With valet, one of our drivers will be able to drop you off, directly at your terminal. Busy families find that our valet services help them stay organized and calm when they are travelling with young children. You can also rest assured that your valet driver will park your vehicle in a safe and secure stall after you have been dropped off.

To receive answers to your questions about airport parking at JFK, contact the team at Park Plus Airport Parking. Our JFK parking company can provide you with top tier valet services during your next trip to the airport. For more details about the advantages of parking at our Newark location, give us a call at (973) 273-1500.

Never Lose Your Luggage with These Tips

Between EWR parking and the possibility of losing your luggage, traveling can be stressful. There are a few tips you can use to hold onto your things, however. Watch this video and never lose your luggage with these tips.

It’s wise to fly when baggage handlers are at their best, which is typically over the weekend when the traffic slows down. Get rid of any pieces of old luggage tags still attached to your bags, and add some of your own flair in the form of stickers or ribbons. Check in as early as you can so your bags have plenty of time to make it to the plane.

Now that you know how to hold onto your luggage, let Park Plus Airport Parking help you with airport parking. Give us a call at (973) 273-1500 to learn about our Newark airport parking services. You can also view our website for more information.

Should You Pull in or Back into Your Airport Parking Spot?

Pulling in and backing into an airport parking spot both come with their pros and cons, and you should keep them in mind when you look for parking at JFK. Since each has both advantages and disadvantages, the right decision typically comes down to a matter of personal comfort. Read ahead and see if you should pull in or back into your airport parking spot.

Backing into your airport parking spot is convenient because it makes things easy when you want to leave. If you show up early and have time and space, backing into your spot may be a favorable choice. If you’re running late and the parking lot is tight, on the other hand, it may be safer and easier to pull into your spot normally. Consider how comfortable you are with maneuvering your vehicle when making this decision.

Whether you pull in or back into your parking spot, Park Plus Airport Parking is here to help you with parking at JFK in New York. If you ever need assistance with long term parking at JFK, don’t wait to call us at (718) 529-1234. Learn more about our parking services by visiting our website today.

Don't Believe These Myths About the TSA

The Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, exists for our protection, but there are many myths that sway our perception of these officers. If you’re already stressed out about Newark airport parking, you might be even more likely to believe them. Continue on and don’t believe these myths about the TSA.

Myth: They Profile

You might have heard that TSA agents use certain ethically ambiguous methods to screen the travelers who come through their gates. This is not true. TSA officers have been accused of using racial profiling, but this has been proven to be an invasive and ineffective tactic that is not supported or even permitted. Racial profiling wastes time and resources, and federal law prohibits it altogether. Department and agency policies also prohibit racial profiling, so it’s not something you should have to worry about next time you visit the airport.

Myth: You Can’t Beat the Lines

Some people accept airport lines as a fact of life, but others use their resources to beat them. The TSA actually offers an app for your smartphone or mobile device that lets you check on the lines, so you know how long you can expect to be waiting. Airline security is of the utmost importance, for the airline itself and its passengers and staff, so the TSA does a thorough job of inspecting travelers and their belongings. Use a parking service and the TSA app to beat the lines.

Myth: TSA Officers Are Police Officers

TSA officers are professionals in security administration, but they are not in fact police officers. It’s their job to make sure nothing prohibited is allowed to enter the airport. If there is a dispute or a dangerous situation occurs, airport police can come in to mediate the situation.

If you want to make traveling easier than ever, call Park Plus Airport Parking at (973) 273-1500. Our team is proud to help you with Newark airport parking serving New Jersey. Stop in and see us or look at our website to find out more about our airport parking services and how we can help you.

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