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See How Luggage Assistance Can Make a Long Trip Feel Shorter

When you’re exhausted from a long flight, the idea of lugging around heavy suitcases probably doesn’t appeal to you. Even if your suitcases seemed manageable when you departed, they’re probably loaded down with souvenirs now that you’ve returned home to the tristate area. At Park Plus Airport Parking, we aim to provide the highest level of customer care. We’ll greet you with a friendly smile and do all the heavy lifting for you.

For some of our valued customers, luggage assistance isn’t an optional luxury, but a necessity. Our well-trained employees offer friendly help to our disabled customers and senior citizens. Parents of young kids often find luggage assistance to be essential. It’s tricky to hang onto a suitcase when you’re also carrying a tired toddler or trying to keep track of your other children.

Park Plus Airport Parking wants to make your departure and return arrival as stress-free and convenient as possible. Call (718) 529-1234 to inquire about our luggage assistance and parking availability at JFK in New York.

Carry-on Luggage 101

There’s a special art to packing a carry-on bag. You don’t want to overstuff your bag, but you also don’t want to leave out any essentials. Some must-have items might include basic toiletries, a neck pillow, earplugs for the flight, noise-cancelling earphones, and—of course—some reading material. If you bring your computer, tablet, or smartphone, don’t forget to bring chargers for all of them! For some more advice, check out this video.

When you need a place to park your car while you’re away from home, Park Plus Airport Parking can come to your rescue. Simply drive to one of our four facilities in New York or New Jersey and our shuttle will transport you to your airport terminal. For more information about our parking services, call (718) 529-1234.

Why Our Customers Love Our Free Shuttle Service

Park Plus Airport Parking has four options for parking: short-term parking, mid-term parking, long-term parking, and off-site airport parking. If you opt for off-site parking for any of the airports we serve, be sure to take advantage of our convenient shuttle service. This service is free to all of our customers, and it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You’ll be driven by an experienced chauffeur in a 2014 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, and your shuttle is guaranteed to be safe, clean, and on time. Our shuttles can seat up to 12 customers at a time.

If you need to fly in New Jersey or New York, you can depend on Park Plus Airport Parking for all of your airport parking needs. We are the most respected airport parking service in the area, and we are dedicated to providing first-class service to all of our customers. To reserve your parking spot today, call us at (718) 529-1234.

FAQs and Answers About Flying with Your Service Animal

If you’ve never flown with your service animal before, you may be wondering whether you will encounter any problems along the way. Knowing as much as possible about what to expect will help to ensure that your upcoming trip runs as smoothly as possible. Here are some frequently asked questions about traveling with service animals—along with the answers.

Will I need to explain why I need my service animal? You should be ready to explain, as clearly and as quickly as possible, what your service animal is for. Make sure to alert airline personnel to your service animal’s presence when you check in at the airport. If your animal is registered as a service animal, you do not have to pay a fee to fly with it.

Do I need to bring proof that I need a service animal? If you have a working service dog, you can explain verbally why you need to have a service animal. If you have an emotional support animal, you’ll need a letter from a licensed mental health professional such as a psychologist or a social worker. Depending on the airline, the medical practitioner who wrote your letter may have to fill out a form.

Do I need to bring anything else? You should have a photo ID for your service animal, which you can obtain from the National Service Animal Registry. Your animal should also be wearing a solid-colored red or green vest to identify it as a service animal.

How do I take my service animal through security? You can carry your service animal through the security checkpoint. You’ll need to remove anything made of metal—such as your dog’s leash or tags—before walking through the scanner, however.

Where should my service animal sit during the flight? Your service animal should sit on the floor directly in front of you during the flight. If your service animal is small, it may be permitted to sit on your lap.

When you’re flying through Newark Airport, you can park your vehicle with Park Plus Airport Parking and take one of our free shuttles to your destination. Our rates are reasonable, our service is fast, and we even offer car washing services while you’re away. Call (718) 529-1234 to learn more about the services we offer, and don’t forget to ask about our Frequent Airport Parking Program!

Can I Fly with Medications or Medical Devices?

If you’re planning to fly, you should know what you are and are not permitted to take on the plane. One of the most common questions fliers have about air travel is whether or not they can bring their medications, medical devices, or any other items they require to stay healthy and safe during their trip. Here are some of the things you are allowed to take with you on a flight.

Medications. You are allowed to bring prescription drugs with you on the plane, preferably accompanied by documentation to show why you need them. Both liquid medications and pills are permitted. You do not have to limit liquid medications to the usual rule of three ounces or less, but you should be ready to explain your need for the medication. Medical marijuana is not permitted. Bottles of eyedrops should be kept to 100 ml or less.

Diabetes supplies. Any supplies you require for diabetes are permitted on a flight, but they must be screened at security. Put your medication and equipment in a separate clear plastic bag, and be ready to show it to TSA officers. EpiPens, insulin pumps, unused syringes, and blood sugar test kits are all allowed once they have been inspected.

Accessories. Pill cutters, inhalers, thermometers, and other medical accessories that you require are permitted to come with you on your flight. You are also allowed to have casts, support braces, crutches, a cane, walkers, wheelchairs, and anything else that you need to stay safe due to an injury or physical impairment.

If you need safe and cost-effective parking services when you’re flying through JFK International Airport, you can rely on Park Plus Airport Parking. We’ll park your vehicle in one of our lots and drive you to your destination in one of our free luxury shuttles, available 24 hours a day. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us today at (718) 529-1234.

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