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FAQs About Flying with an Infant

Boarding an airplane to find out that you’re seated in front of a wailing baby isn’t a feeling that most people would look forward to. You can keep your baby calm and relaxed for the flight in a number of different ways, and you can start by reserving Newark airport parking services. Here are a few questions and answers about flying with an infant.

What should I pack?

You’ll need to pack baby formula, food, milk, and any necessary medications so your child can stay healthy and happy during the flight and throughout the vacation ahead. The TSA requires that liquids are kept in individual 3.4-ounce containers, and you can throw them all together in a quart bag. What you might not realize is that you’ll also need to pack your child’s identification. This may seem surprising, but the purpose is to verify the child’s age so you pay the appropriate amount for the ticket.

Do we need a special seat?

There are a few different ways you can take your infant on the plane. Older infants might be comfortable enough sitting on your lap, but for younger babies, you might consider a bassinet or a car seat for the flight. Talk to your airline to make sure your bassinet or car seat will be allowed on the airplane.

Is it always stressful?

Traveling with an infant doesn’t have to be stressful, and the more calm and collected you are, the easier it will be for your infant to relax. Children look to their parents to understand how to behave and even how to feel, so if you’re stressed out, your child might pick up on that. You can make traveling in general easier by hiring Newark airport parking services to take one stressful factor out of the equation and keep your infant calm and happy.

Flying with an infant doesn’t have to be a nightmare, and at Park Plus Airport Parking, we’ll do whatever we can to make things easier. Newark airport parking serving New Jersey is our specialty, so call our team at (973) 273-1500 for more details.


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