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Should You Pull in or Back into Your Airport Parking Spot?

Pulling in and backing into an airport parking spot both come with their pros and cons, and you should keep them in mind when you look for parking at JFK. Since each has both advantages and disadvantages, the right decision typically comes down to a matter of personal comfort. Read ahead and see if you should pull in or back into your airport parking spot.

Backing into your airport parking spot is convenient because it makes things easy when you want to leave. If you show up early and have time and space, backing into your spot may be a favorable choice. If you’re running late and the parking lot is tight, on the other hand, it may be safer and easier to pull into your spot normally. Consider how comfortable you are with maneuvering your vehicle when making this decision.

Whether you pull in or back into your parking spot, Park Plus Airport Parking is here to help you with parking at JFK in New York. If you ever need assistance with long term parking at JFK, don’t wait to call us at (718) 529-1234. Learn more about our parking services by visiting our website today.

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