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Don't Believe These Myths About the TSA

The Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, exists for our protection, but there are many myths that sway our perception of these officers. If you’re already stressed out about Newark airport parking, you might be even more likely to believe them. Continue on and don’t believe these myths about the TSA.

Myth: They Profile

You might have heard that TSA agents use certain ethically ambiguous methods to screen the travelers who come through their gates. This is not true. TSA officers have been accused of using racial profiling, but this has been proven to be an invasive and ineffective tactic that is not supported or even permitted. Racial profiling wastes time and resources, and federal law prohibits it altogether. Department and agency policies also prohibit racial profiling, so it’s not something you should have to worry about next time you visit the airport.

Myth: You Can’t Beat the Lines

Some people accept airport lines as a fact of life, but others use their resources to beat them. The TSA actually offers an app for your smartphone or mobile device that lets you check on the lines, so you know how long you can expect to be waiting. Airline security is of the utmost importance, for the airline itself and its passengers and staff, so the TSA does a thorough job of inspecting travelers and their belongings. Use a parking service and the TSA app to beat the lines.

Myth: TSA Officers Are Police Officers

TSA officers are professionals in security administration, but they are not in fact police officers. It’s their job to make sure nothing prohibited is allowed to enter the airport. If there is a dispute or a dangerous situation occurs, airport police can come in to mediate the situation.

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