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Spotlight on the Cost-Saving Benefits of Airport Valet Parking

Some people are hesitant to shell out the extra money for valet EWR parking, but the money might not be so “extra” after all. Airport valet parking can save you money by replacing cab fare, offering rewards, and helping you catch a flight that you might otherwise miss. In this article, we put the spotlight on the cost-saving benefits of airport valet parking.

No Need for a Taxi

EWR parking is always up in the air, as airport parking tends to be. There are only a couple of ways to make sure you can get into the airport as quickly as possible, and not all of them are cheap. If you’re running late and worried about missing your flight, you might consider taking a taxi. This way you can get dropped off and run inside without worrying about parking. If you don’t live anywhere near the airport, this can be extremely expensive. Instead, take your own car and use airport valet parking services to save money and have someone else park your car.

Perks and Rewards

If you travel on a regular basis, you might get rewards from your airport valet parking service. Then you can stand to save even more money by redeeming free parking and even perks like car washes. Airport parking services should be a no-brainer if you’re constantly on the move.

Catch the Intended Flight

When you take your seat on the plane and think about how expensive it would have been to change to a different flight, keep your EWR parking company in mind. The price of airport valet parking may be significantly cheaper than the price of switching to a different flight or having to buy a whole new ticket to get to where you’re going. Now you know your vehicle is safe and you saved some money along the way.

Valet airport parking near New Jersey sounds luxurious, but it can actually end up being less expensive than the alternative options. Call Park Plus Airport Parking at (973) 273-1500 or browse our website and see how our EWR parking services can make your life easier.

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