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Tips for Dealing with a Long Flight Layover

Long layovers are something that every traveler will experience from time to time. If you have ever spent several hours in an airport, you know that layovers can be a frustrating experience. But layovers don’t have to be tedious. With a little ingenuity, you can make an airport layover into simply another fun episode in your trip. Here are some tips for coping when you’re facing the prospect of a long layover:

Get in some exercise

You’re probably feeling listless after your flight, so why not take the opportunity to get some exercise? Many airports offer fitness centers that you can take advantage of during your layover. If you travel regularly, you may even want to bring along a yoga mat so you can do some spontaneous stretches and exercises in the airport.

Catch up on your reading

If you’ve ever complained that you don’t have enough time to read, use your layovers as an excuse to tackle that novel you’ve been meaning to try. If you don’t have any reading material in your bag, check out the airport bookstore. Turn your phone off, grab a coffee from the nearest Starbucks, and spend your layover absorbed in a good book.

Check out the sights

If you have several hours before your flight is scheduled to depart, you may want to leave the airport and see some of the local sights. Depending on where your layover is, you may end up having as much fun during your stop as you do at your final destination. Make sure, however, to give yourself plenty of time to get back to the airport, go through security, and find your gate.

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