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The Musician's Guide to Traveling with Instruments

If you are traveling with anything of value, it’s important to take the time to make sure that you’ve packed it safely—and this is especially true of musical instruments. No musician wants to contemplate the possibility of something happening to his or her cherished instrument. Fortunately, it’s entirely possible to keep your instrument safe during your flight. Here are some tips for traveling with musical instruments:

Pack your instrument carefully

Be sure to pack your instrument in a strong and sturdy case with cushioning to protect it from bumps and scratches. The case should have a “Fragile” label on it, and it should be tagged with your name, address, and destination. If you have a stringed instrument, you may want to loosen the strings before packing it. If you are going to carry your instrument on the plane, check in as early as you can so you’ll have time to find a safe place to keep it.

Keep your flight plan simple

The less frequently you have to switch planes, the better. If you have to check your instrument, picking a direct flight—or, better yet, a nonstop flight—will reduce its risk of getting lost. If you plan to take your instrument on the plane with you, a single flight will reduce the number of times you need to move your instrument or place it in an overhead compartment.

Look up the airline policies

Before leaving on your trip, check the airline website to see if they have an official policy regarding transportation of musical instruments. The policy usually will spell out the terms of the airline’s liability in the event that your instrument is damaged or lost during the trip.

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