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How to Travel with Kids and Keep Your Sanity

Kids can learn much beyond the classroom. Traveling around the country and the globe is a great way to introduce them to new cultures and landscapes. But traveling with kids is certainly not without its difficulties. Just getting from the long-term parking lot to the airport terminal can be a hassle. Make life easier on yourself and your family with the following quick tips.

Bring pre-portioned snacks.

The airline will have plenty of snacks available, but do you really want to pay for an overpriced snack box stuffed with sodium? Always check with the airline ahead of time to find out if there are any restrictions on bringing food and liquids on board. Generally, foods are allowed as long as they are wrapped or in a closed container. Bring sealed baggies of pretzels and dry cereal, along with whole fruit or fruit slices. Don’t forget to bring some sugarless gum. Even if your kids don’t generally chew gum, they’ll probably want to when their ears start popping from the air pressure changes.

Choose kid-friendly accommodations.

Even if you’re traveling with an infant, you’ll want accommodations that offer some separation between the bedroom and other areas. Your kids will probably go to bed much earlier than you, and you’ll appreciate being able to read or watch TV without waking them up.

Use a valet service.

Parents of young kids swear by airport parking valet services. It’s no easy feat to get the kids from the car to the airport terminal for the departure, and then back again when you arrive back home. A valet will even handle your luggage for you. Compared to taking a taxi, using a valet service will allow you to simply leave your child’s car seat in the vehicle.

Park Plus Airport Parking is pleased to offer our world-class valet service to travelers arriving at Newark or JFK. A DropUp valet will drive you in your own car directly to your airport terminal, and pick you up upon your arrival. Call (718) 529-1234 to inquire about parking at JFK in New York, or call (973) 273-1500 for our parking service at Newark Airport in New Jersey.

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