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Features to Look for in a Parking Spot

long term parking JFK NewarkParking in a dense, crowded city like NYC can be a huge challenge. When you’re looking for the right JFK parking spot, for instance, you should always know where the exit is. Here are some other tips to keep in mind when looking for a parking spot at the JFK airport.

Close to the Exit
Everyone wants to keep their walk to and from the airport short. However, it’s generally a good idea to park as close to the parking lot exit as possible. When you come home after your trip, you may contend with hundreds of cars trying to get out of the lot. The closer you are to the exit, the quicker you’ll be able to get out of the airport parking lot and start heading home.

Distance from Other Vehicles
Leaving your car near the exit of the JFK long-term parking lot won’t just save you time, but will also keep your car better protected. More people will park closer to the airport for a shorter walk; if you park further away, there will be fewer cars and people to accidentally damage your vehicle. It’s important to keep your vehicle as safe as possible when you’re away and unable to keep an eye on it.

Time Wasters
Driving up and down aisles looking for the perfect parking spot is a huge time waster. Right when you think you’ve found an open spot, it turns out to be a tiny vehicle that only takes up half of a space. Don’t waste your time. If you want a spot toward the front of the airport, start your search at the airport and go toward the back from there. If you’re in a rush, consider using airport valet or shuttle services.

If you’d rather not mess with parking yourself, let the professionals take care of it. With Park Plus Airport Parking, you can have your car washed before or after you park at JFK. If you have any questions about long-term parking at NYC’s JFK airport, call us at (718) 529-1234.

Tips for Buying Airline Tickets

Finding a great deal on long term parking at JFK is simple when you know what to look for, but how do you find the best prices on airline tickets? Before you pack your bags and park your car at airport parking, do a little online research to find great airfare deals.

When you shop online for airline tickets you can either use an aggregator site that highlights the best prices for several airlines, or go straight to the website of the airline you prefer to fly. Be on the lookout for packages that will save you money on hotels and rental cars in addition to flights. Are you looking for a great deal on JFK Airport long term parking in New York? Park Plus Airport Parking offers affordable and convenient short term airport parking at JFK and long term parking at JFK. Call us at (718) 529-1234 for more information.

Highlights in the History of JFK Airport

JFK long term parking Newark

Next time you’re arriving at JFK, parking your vehicle, and checking in at your airline’s ticket counter, take a moment to consider the airport’s rich history. JFK airport has seen quite a bit of change over the years. Keep reading for a quick overview on the history of JFK International Airport.

The airport, now known to the world as John F. Kennedy International Airport, was first planned by the city of New York in 1942. It was built on top of marshy wetlands that made up a golf course called Idlewild Beach. Construction of “Idlewild Airport” was completed in 1948. Though Idlewild Airport was first planned to encompass just 1,000 acres, by the time it was completed, necessity and demand had increased the footprint to five times the size.

JFK was not always called John F. Kennedy International Airport. In fact, the airport has had many official names since its inception. Former names include Major General Alexander E. Anderson Airport and New York International Airport. Despite the official titles, many people still referred to the airport as Idlewild Airport until its renaming as JFK. The airport was renamed once again in 1963, following President John F. Kennedy’s assassination by Lee Harvey Oswald. This time, the new name stuck, and the world has known the hub as John F. Kennedy International Airport ever since.

Did you know that JFK is the nation’s busiest international gateway? Everyday, people from all over the world get their first impression of the United States from within the walls of JFK. Next time you are flying out to your destination, take a moment to stop and ponder the immense history of this very important space.

If you are looking for parking at JFK near New York, look no further than Park Plus JFK. We are the top choice for JFK Parking due to our budget-friendly rates, excellent service, and customer loyalty. Parking at JFK couldn’t be easier; stop in or give us a call at (719) 529-1234 to learn about our outstanding service and pricing.

Choosing Long Term Airport Parking

newark airport parking

If you are rushing to catch a plane out of New Jersey, you may be tempted to just choose the first Newark Airport long term parking facility that you see. However, it pays to plan ahead because finding a trusted Newark Airport parking lot could save money and even help to keep your vehicle safe while you are away.

Look for an airport parking facility that is well lit and boasts 24/7 security services. Some long term Newark Airport Parking facilities even offer amenities like luggage assistance, free shuttles, and a car wash to have your vehicle spotless and waiting for you when you get back. Look for a parking facility that offers a customer appreciation program to save you money if you are a frequent traveler.

Park Plus Airport Parking is your trusted stop for Newark long term parking near New Jersey. Stop in or call us at (973) 273-1500 to learn about our superior long term airport parking services.

A Driver's Guide to Parking a Car

JFK parking Newark

If you live in a city, you have probably encountered parking situations that truly test your driving abilities. Whether it’s navigating through an airport parking lot, maneuvering your SUV into a tight spot on the street, or reversing into a space, parking challenges abound. Keep reading for some tips on how to navigate an array of parking environments.

Parking Garages
Parking garages can be stressful due to heavy traffic and complicated one way traffic patterns. Never speed through a parking garage; posted signs will advise you of a safe speed. Be on the lookout for cars reversing into the traffic lanes, and always brake for drivers who may not see your vehicle approaching. Also, be careful to look out for pedestrians and children walking in a parking garage.

Back-In Parking
Reverse parking is getting more and more popular in cities because it helps protect bicyclists and pedestrians from cars exiting parking spaces. However, this type of parking can be difficult to master. Using your mirrors to navigate in reverse, is key in this maneuver. It is also important to give yourself a clear approach to the space by pulling into the middle of the street before reversing.

Parallel Parking
Parallel parking is one of the most difficult maneuvers for any driver to master. If you are new to parallel parking or just want to practice your skills, try setting up a mock parallel parking space at home. You can position cones or other markers to represent the cars in front of and behind an open space. Experts recommend using the “S” Method when parallel parking.

If you are interested in saving money and eliminating stress when searching for Newark Liberty Parking, choose Park Plus Airport Parking. We offer easy Newark Airport parking with a 24-hour free shuttle service. We are a trusted and secure provider of Newark Liberty parking that has earned our reputation as a top destination for Newark Airport parking among frequent travelers. Call us at (973) 273-1500 to reserve a spot or learn more about our outstanding rates and service.

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