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Packing a Carry-On for a Winter Weekend Getaway

Trying to pack in only a carry-on always seems like a daunting task, but it’s particularly challenging during the winter when colder temperatures call for bulkier items like coats and boots. That being said, you still don’t want to lug around a huge suitcase just for a weekend trip. With some smart planning, you can fit everything you need and more for your winter getaway in a simple carry-on bag.

Wear Your Bulkiest Items

Clothes usually take up the majority of the space in your suitcase, especially during the winter. Free up some much needed room in your bag by wearing your bulkiest items during the journey. Bring one neutral coat, and layer it over your clothes as you travel. If you get too warm on the plane you can always take it off! Consider taking just two pairs of shoes with one pair of boots and a pair of versatile sneakers or flats. Wear the boots and pack the other shoes to maximize your space.

Mix and Match

Another way to save space on clothes is to limit the number of items you pack. Choose a few comfortable and stylish pieces that can be mixed and matched for different looks. This tip allows you to get a different look every day without having to pack a complete outfit for every day. Essentials like a pair of jeans, a cozy cardigan, a thermal tee, and a day-to-night dress can be combined in many different ways to give you variety and save space.

Stock Up on Travel-Sized Toiletries

If you’ve taken our advice on how to pack clothes, you probably have plenty of room for toiletries and other items, but there are plenty of ways to save space in this area, too. Most toiletries and beauty products are available in travel-sized containers, which will not only save space but also will help get you through airport security as well. If your favorite products aren’t available in smaller sizes, try buying reusable containers and filling them up yourself.

If you are traveling to or from an airport in the New York or New Jersey area, Park Plus Airport Parking can help streamline your vacation experience. Find out more about airport parking options by visiting us online or calling us at (718) 529-1234. Our team looks forward to assisting you.

Travel Tips from the TSA

In order to take the stress out of flying, it is a great idea to gather information that will help you prepare for your trip. When you watch this video from the TSA, you will learn some important travel tips. Using the AskTSA Twitter account, you will be able to directly message TSA agents and receive messages in real time. By using resources from the TSA and setting up JFK parking in advance, you can ensure that you have a stress-free experience at the airport.

For more information about JFK long term parking, contact Park Plus Airport Parking by calling (718) 529-1234. We are thrilled to be a leading company offering parking at JFK, and our airport parking team will help you find the perfect parking solution. Contact our New York parking facility to learn more about our current rates and services.

The Benefits of a Clean Car

When you schedule Newark airport parking, you may want to ask your airport parking staff about their car washing services. A quality airport parking facility will be able to wash your car before it is placed in its parking stall. There are many advantages to washing and cleaning your car regularly. Routine exterior washes will restore shine to your paint and protect your car from scratches and small dings. Keeping the interior of your car clean will provide you with a more enjoyable ride, and will also help you avoid damage to your car’s upholstery.

When you set up Newark airport parking with Park Plus, you will be able to set up a car wash service for your vehicle. Our EWR parking structure is equipped with state of the air car washing equipment, and we can restore your car’s beautiful shine. Give us a call at (973) 273-1500 to learn more about the benefits of choosing our Newark parking near New Jersey.

What to Expect at LaGuardia Airport

If you are seeking an alternative to the crowds at JFK, you may want to consider booking your next flight out of LaGuardia. From quality airport parking services to convenient flight schedules and more, LaGuardia offers many great amenities to its travelers. As you are preparing to fly out of LaGuardia for the first time, you will plan ahead for your trip. Let’s take a look at what you can expect when you visit LaGuardia airport.

Convenient Location

LaGuardia is located on the north side of Long Island, in the Borough of Queens. If you are travelling to LaGuardia for the first time, you will want to allow for plenty of time to park, get through security, and find your terminal. When you drive to LaGuardia from Manhattan, you will want to leave plenty of time for your journey.

Easy Parking

Private parking structures make it easier than ever to drive directly to LaGuardia airport. Depending on your needs, you can choose self parking or valet parking services. When you choose to park at the airport, you will save time and avoid the hassle of hauling your luggage on the subway or bus. You may want to call ahead to reserve a parking stall for your upcoming trip.

Heighted Security

In recent years, airports around the country have heightened their security measures. When you travel at LaGuardia, you can expect to go through a security checkpoint before you are able to head to your gate. As you pass through security, TSA agents will X-ray your luggage and make sure that you are not bringing any prohibited items on board.

If you are in need of parking services at LaGuardia Airport, be sure to contact Park Plus Airport Parking by calling us at (718) 529-1234. We offer both LGA parking and JFK parking, and our airport parking structure is conveniently located. Our team looks forward to providing you with a great parking experience at an airport in the New York or New Jersey area.

Getting Ready for a Long Business Trip

Business trips help companies build connections and set up meetings with partners around the globe. When you are preparing for your first extended business trip, you will want to make sure that you carefully plan ahead for your journey. Setting up JFK long term parking will allow you to rest assured that your car is in a safe and secure location while you are away. Here are some other steps that you can take to get ready for your first long business trip.

Pack Carefully

Proper packing is key when you are preparing for a long business trip. As you are packing up your suitcase, you will want to make sure that you bring business attire and causal clothing. If you have a workout routine, you will also want to make sure that you bring workout clothes. Finally, you will need to carefully pack any documents and devices that are required for your business travel.

Gather Important Information

As you are getting ready for a long business trip, you may want to gather all of the important information pertaining to your trip in a single itinerary. During a long business trip, you may have many flights and connections to make. Keeping your travel information readily accessible will help you get to your work meetings on time.

Set Up Long Term Parking

Another key factor to consider when you are getting ready for a business trip is where you will park. Rather than leaving your car at home, you can add convenience to your trip by choosing to store your car in long term parking. Once you arrive back at your home airport, your car will be ready and waiting for you.

At Park Plus Airport Parking, we are thrilled to offer top quality parking at JFK. From long term parking at JFK to short term airport parking, our company provides a variety of parking solutions to our satisfied customers. Call our New York location at (718) 529-1234 to set up long term parking for your next business trip.

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