Essential Advice for Getting Through Airport Security

There are plenty of things to plan once you've booked a flight, such as airport parking and accommodations. In order to pass through security without a hitch, it's best to take note of and avoid the things that could set off alarms. Continue reading to find out more.

Unpack Large Electronics
Don't try to put your carry-on bags through security with large electronic items, such as laptops, DVD players, or video game consoles, inside. Instead, place these items onto the x-ray belt in a separate container before you walk through the screening area. Don't wrap gifts beforehand either, because you might have to unwrap them for airport security inspectors. 

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Set Metals Aside
If the airport security alarm goes off for any reason, the TSA officers will need to inspect you. To prevent this from happening, empty your pockets of all metal materials, such as coins, keys, and mobile devices. Place those items in a bowl on the x-ray belt, along with any bracelets, rings, necklaces, or earrings that you might be wearing. Also consider wearing slip-on shoes to the airport, so you can easily place them—along with your belt—onto the x-ray conveyer as you go through security.

Prepare Yourself and Your Party
On the day of your flight, you should always arrive at least an hour early and have your I.D. on hand to show at the checkpoints. If you're bringing a baby along on your flight, remove him or her from the stroller and carry him or her through security. The same goes with any pet you might bring—remove the pet from the carrier and carry him or her through; carriers and strollers should be placed on the x-ray conveyer.

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A Look at Your Car Wash Service Options


For all the time that you spend getting everything in order for a trip, you deserve to leave the airport in a clean and shiny automobile upon your return. After you run your car through the washing service of Park Plus Airport Parking, you will drive away with exactly that: an immaculate-looking vehicle.

With our expertly trained staff and thoroughly modern cleaning equipment, we service everything from luxury cars to compacts and SUVs. Offering superior service over an automated wash, we clean wheels, hubcaps, bumpers, and windows, removing all traces of dirt, tree sap, bird droppings, and road tar in the process. Additionally, we fully clean, vacuum, and deodorize the interior of each vehicle, addressing each of the mats as well as the dashboard, seats, and vents.

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Tips for Choosing Your Airline Seats

The comfort of an airplane seat can greatly depend on where it's situated. For instance, the back rows in a 777 typically have more legroom, whereas seats in front of emergency exits never recline. As with parking, luggage, and other airport services, there are various things to consider about airline seats. Continue reading to learn some tips for getting the best airline seats for your next trip.

Business woman sleep during flight airplane cabin

Request Specific Seating
Try to choose your seat when you book reservations on a flight. Most airlines will allow this, and many have seating maps that show the available options. If possible, choose a seat near the front of the plane, because people in back are usually the last to get off. That can be a headache when a flight ends in foreign territory and everyone must go through an immigration check upon landing, or when you need to catch a connecting flight.

Avoid Middle Seats
In terms of comfort and convenience, window and aisle seats are preferable over middle ones. In a middle seat, there's generally less room to stretch, and it's harder to get up and out to use the restroom. Most passengers in middle seats tend to be late bookers or those who simply didn't know they had the option to pick their seat.

Look for Leg Room
Some airlines equip their planes with seats that offer extra leg room. In some cases, the airline will award bonus flier points for paying the extra fees attached to these seats. Some carriers even include preferred seating among their list of elite status perks, which you can possibly earn by joining their frequent flier program.

Grab an Un-booked Row
On some flights, you might be able to take advantage of un-booked rows of seats. This often happens on overnight flights, which tend to be under-booked. Just check with a flight staff member before you grab that comfier, empty row of seats.

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Preparing for a Long Plane Ride

For maximum comfort during a long flight, it's best to pack items for reading, sleeping, eating, listening, and sanitation in your carry-on luggage. Charge up your music player and laptop several hours in advance of boarding. For relaxation, consider bringing an eye mask and a lavender-scented neck pillow. To avoid stress, have everything packed at least a day in advance. If you're prone to motion sickness, take your medication two hours before departure. More preparation tips for long flights are discussed in this video.

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The Advantages of Luggage Assistance

Composition with colorful travel suitcases

As you prepare to travel from one city to another, you'll have plenty of things to manage with booking your flight, packing your suitcases, and arranging your accommodations. On the day of travel, you’ll need to focus on ensuring you have everything you need and getting to your gate on time. To help make things easier as you embark on your trip, consider services like airport parking and luggage assistance. This will help ensure that you have a smooth time when you get to the airport—after all, there's nothing worse than having to haul big, heavy suitcases by yourself as you run to make your flight.

At Newark Liberty International Airport and Westchester County Airport, your suitcase-hauling needs can be handled with Park Plus Airport Parking's luggage assistance services. Our staff members are fully trained and eager to assist in hauling luggage of all weights and sizes. For more information about our luggage assistance, airport parking, accessibility assistance, or carwash services, call us at (914) 840-2200.

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