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How to Select a Parking Spot

Looking for airport parking can be incredibly stressful, especially if you’re at one of the larger airports. You can minimize your risk of airport parking lot accidents by following a few simple parking safety rules.

Watch this video for tips on how to safely select a convenient JFK parking spot. You should make sure that the JFK Airport long-term parking spot that you choose is well-lit, secure, and not too far from your terminal.

To eliminate the dangers of airport parking at JFK in New York, use our services at Park Plus Airport Parking. We will safely and securely park your car for you, and then give you a ride directly to your JFK airport terminal. To learn more about our airport parking services, call us today at (718) 529-1234.

A Visitor's Guide to Newark Airport Parking

newark airport parking

Newark Airport is one of the largest airports in the U.S., and airport parking can be difficult to navigate. Many passengers utilize Newark Airport’s long term parking, making it difficult to find convenient airport parking at Newark. Here is a helpful visitor’s guide to Newark International Airport parking.

Hourly and Daily Airport Parking at Newark
Newark airport offers short-term airport parking that is charged hourly or daily. Daily parking is only for airport parking up to 24 hours. Short-term parking is self-park in garages and parking lots around the airport. Terminal C of Newark Airport has airport parking lots and a garage that are located across from Terminals A and B. You can also use airport parking lot P1 or P3, or garage P4.

Newark Airport Long Term Parking
If you need long term parking at Newark airport, you can use airport parking lot P6. While the lot accommodates most passengers’ long-term airport parking needs, you do need to use the long-term parking lot for more than 30 days, you will need to notify the airport of your plans before parking. Lot P6 is located three miles from the Newark Airport terminals, but there is complimentary airport transportation. The airport shuttle comes every ten minutes, so make sure that you have time to get to your terminal from the lot.

Airport Parking Service
If you don’t want to hassle with short-term or long-term parking at Newark Airport, you can use the services of an airport parking company. When you use an airport parking service, you simply need to drive your car to the facility and leave it there. The company will drive you directly to your terminal, and then safely and securely park your car.

If you’re looking for more information about Newark Airport parking in New Jersey, contact us at Park Plus Airport Parking. We offer 24/7 airport parking services, drop off service, a free shuttle service, luggage assistance, accessibility assistance, and even a car wash service. To learn more about our Newark Airport parking services, call us today at (973) 273-1500.

Essential Holiday Travel Tips

laguardia airport parking

When you’re traveling over the holidays, you’re already feeling stressed out about finding La Guardia airport parking and arriving at your gate on time. You can relieve some of your stress by preparing for airplane travel with these essential holiday travel tips.

If you’re going to use long-term parking at La Guardia Airport, plan ahead of time to use an airport parking service. The service will park your car for you and give you a free ride directly to your terminal. You should also pack light so you won’t have to worry about the hassle of checking baggage. Check your flight time before leaving for the airport, and after finding airport parking, to make sure your flight is on time. You can also try to travel on off-peak days to minimize your chances of running into large crowds of travelers or experiencing travel delays.

If you want to minimize the stress of airport parking at La Guardia Airport in New York, check out our airport parking services at Park Plus Airport Parking. We provide airport parking, a free shuttle to the airport, and luggage assistance. To learn more about our services, call us today at (888) 541-7985.

Debunking Common Myths About Airport Arrival Times

JFK parking NewarkMany people have relaxed their rules about their arrival times at airports, particularly if they travel frequently. Even if you’re departing from a smaller airport, you need to allow yourself plenty of time to find JFK parking, and make it to your gate before the plane’s doors close. Take a look at these common myths about airport arrival times.

Myth: You Can Jump the Security Line if You’re Running Late
There is always a traveler who thinks that because he had trouble finding parking at JFK, and is now in danger of missing his flight, he can inconvenience everyone else. In reality airport security is very strict about requiring travelers to remain in line during the security check, and it’s extremely unlikely that an airport employee will allow you to skip ahead in line.

Myth: The Flight Won’t Leave Without You Once Your Bag is Checked
There are very rare circumstances in which a plane will delay departure due to a checked bag for a missing passenger. On international flights, it’s highly likely that your checked back will be pulled from the plane and the plane will depart without you on it. On domestic flights, the plane may leave while still carrying your bag, even if you aren’t on board.

Myth: Airplane Doors Don’t Close Until Departure
When you receive the boarding pass for your flight, you will see your flight’s boarding time, departure time, and the time at which the plane’s doors will be closed. Depending on the airport and the flight, the doors may close between fifteen and thirty minutes before departure. Once the plane’s doors are closed, airport employees are not allowed to let you on the plane.

Quickly finding airport parking in New York can mean the difference between arriving on time for your flight, and missing it entirely. At Park Plus Airport Parking, we can help you arrive to the airport on time with our short and long term airport parking services. To learn more about our airport parking at JFK, call us today at (718) 529-1234.

Reasons to Park at Park Plus Airport Parking

Whether you are a frequent business traveler or you’re planning a family vacation, you have probably wondered what to do about JFK or Newark airport parking. Picking the right off-site parking service can save you a lot of money and stress.

Park Plus Airport Parking offers the closest off-site Newark airport parking servicing New Jersey—we’re just three minutes from your gate! A Frequent Airport Parking Program makes us a popular choice for business travelers, and our unique DropUp Service offers a comfortable and personalized alternative to the taking the shuttle to and from the airport. Watch this video to learn more about our services.

If you are flying out of Newark, New Jersey, or NYC, contact Park Plus Airport Parking to arrange your long term airport parking and transportation to and from the airport. You can call us at (718) 529-1234 for our JFK location or (973) 273-1500 for our EWR location.

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