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When Should You Arrive at the Airport?

Traveling is stressful, particularly when you’re struggling with luggage, airport parking, and airport security. The earlier you arrive at the airport, the less likely you are to experience delays.

Watch this video for some helpful advice on when you should arrive at the airport. Your airport arrival time depends upon the airport you’re departing from, the time of day, the season, and the security measures in place at your departure airport.

You can make your airplane travel less stressful by taking advantage of our services at Park Plus JFK near New York. We offer a free shuttle service, luggage and accessibility assistance, and 24/7 airport parking services that will ensure you make it to your terminal on time. To learn more about Park Plus Airport Parking, call us today at (718) 529-1234.

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Long Term Airport Parking

long term airport parking nyc

Before leaving your car in JFK long term parking, you must take precautions to protect it. By doing just a few simple things before heading to airport parking, you can make sure that you don’t encounter serious problems upon your return. Here are the best ways to prepare your vehicle for long-term parking at JFK.

Make Any Crucial Repairs
If your car is in need of any crucial repairs, the problem may worsen while your car is sitting in airport parking. Take your car to a mechanic to fix problems like broken or cracked windows, problems with any element of the car that is necessary for driving, and any heating or cooling issues. You should also replace worn tires, an old battery, or broken headlights or taillights before you leave.

Prepare for Extreme Weather
You should also prepare your car for any extreme weather that may occur while you’re gone. Cover your car with an all-weather car cover, especially if it will be parked in outdoor airport parking. Use a fuel stabilizer to prevent gasoline breakdown, moisture, and rust. Use antifreeze or coolant as necessary to reduce your risk of damage to the engine, fuel line, or other parts. You can also clean and wax your car to prevent rust and corrosion.

Fill Everything Up
Your car will be better protected while in long-term airport parking at JFK if you fill everything up before leaving. Charge your car battery fully, change your oil, and fill up your gas tank. You can disconnect your battery if your car will be in airport parking for more than two weeks. You should also check your tire pressure and fill your tires if necessary. A slow leak can completely drain your tires while you’re gone.

If you’re in need of long-term parking at JFK near New York, come see us at Park Plus Airport Parking. Our airport parking services are affordable and convenient, and we offer great JFK long-term parking rates. To learn more about our parking services, call us today at (718) 529-1234.

Essential Tips for Getting a Great Deal on Your Plane Tickets

travel tipsBetween buying a plane ticket, paying baggage fees, booking a hotel, and paying for airport parking, traveling can be incredibly expensive. If you can get a good deal on your plane tickets, your other expenses might not seem so extreme. Here are some essential tips for getting a great deal on your next plane ticket purchase.

Book Your Trip Far in Advance
The best time to purchase plane tickets is 49 days, or seven weeks, before your departure date. If you’re traveling during the holidays or another peak travel time, you should try to purchase your plane tickets at least 96 days, or 14 weeks, in advance. The earlier you buy tickets, the more likely you are to also score great deals on extras like parking at LaGuardia Airport, car rentals, hotels, and vacation activities.

Only Fly on Certain Days and Times
The cheapest days to fly in the United States are the travel days that are the least popular. When you’re looking for plane tickets, try to fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday for the best rates. Likewise, you should avoid buying tickets on the most popular travel days, as your tickets will be significantly more expensive. The most popular travel days are Friday and Sunday. You can also find cheaper tickets if you’re willing to depart very early or very late in the day.

Book Two One-Way Flights or Accept a Layover
Round-trip tickets are sometimes cheaper, but you can also find great deals if you’re willing to book two separate one-way flights. You might fly on two different airlines, but you can save some money. You can also save by accepting a layover rather than insisting on a non-stop flight.

If you’re planning a trip and are in need of LaGuardia airport parking near New York, come see us at Park Plus Airport Parking. We offer great deals on long-term parking at LaGuardia Airport, and other convenient airport parking services. To learn more about our rates and services, call us today at (718) 529-1234.

Highlights in the History of Newark Airport

JFK long term parking Newark

You’ve most likely taken advantage of Newark Airport long-term parking during your travels, but you might not know the history of the Newark Airport. The Newark Airport first opened on October 1, 1928. The Army Air Corps originally operated it, but in 1948, the Port Authority took over. They made some major improvements to the airport, adding a control tower, air cargo center, instrument runway, terminal building, and expanded airport parking.

In the 1970s, taxiways and roadways were improved, and the Port Authority built a Central Terminal Area, a Port Authority Administration Building, and a Central Heating and Refrigeration Plant. In 1996, the addition of a Monorail, now called AirTrain Newark, made it much easier for passengers to travel between the terminals and the airport parking lots. In 2003, the airport commissioned its fourth control tower, a 325-foot control tower.

If you’re in need of Newark Airport parking near New Jersey, come see us at Park Plus Airport Parking. We offer convenient and affordable airport parking services, like drop-off and pickup, luggage and accessibility assistance, and a car wash service. To learn more about our services, call us today at (973) 273-1500.

The Essentials of Long Term Car Storage

If you plan on using long-term parking at La Guardia Airport, you should take the time to prepare your car properly. You can ensure that your car doesn’t suffer from any damage while in airport parking by performing some simple maintenance on it ahead of time.

Watch this video to learn about the essentials of car storage in long-term La Guardia airport parking lots. You’ll get auto advice from experts in long-term airport parking.

At Park Plus Airport Parking, we can make your travel experience much easier with our convenient LGA parking near New York. We offer airport parking, a free shuttle directly to your terminal, and luggage assistance. To learn more about our La Guardia Airport parking services, call us today at (718) 529-1234.

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