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    Essential Tips for Flying with Children

    Last updated 3 months ago

    If you are dreading your upcoming flight with your kids, you don’t have to. Planning ahead gives you the opportunity to keep the kids entertained and calm for the duration of your travels. The next time you travel with your kids, be sure to do the following:

    Invest in a Few New Toys

    New toys can usually keep children distracted for at least a few hours. Buy a few new toys that you do not give to the kids until you are in the air and they are starting to get antsy. Their excitement at exploring this new acquisition will keep them from getting too upset during the trip. You should also throw in one or two of their favorite toys so they have some of the comforts from home as well.

    Minimize Your Carry-On Luggage

    Leaving your hands free gives you room to handle whatever situations may arise with your kids. Carrying too much onto the plane just makes your life more difficult as you travel, especially if you are trying to fly with a child on your own. Minimize your carry-on luggage to make the trip less stressful.

    Try to Prepare for a Variety of Scenarios

    Whether your kids are still in diapers or tend to get hungry every hour, try to fill the carry-on luggage that you do bring with essentials that can help you through a few different emergency situations. A few extra diapers, some snacks, a change of clothes, and a way to watch movies can help you handle almost anything that happens as you fly.

    Take the stress out of parking at the airport and turn to Park Plus Airport Parking instead. With both short and long-term parking available at our Newark EWR and Westchester locations, we give you the convenience you need to start your travels without hassle. To learn more about our parking services, visit us online or call (914) 840-2200. 

    How to Stay Entertained During a Long Flight

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Most people cannot wait for a time when they can sit for long hours without having much on which to focus, unless they are on a plane. The cramped seats and large amounts of people sitting nearby can make it difficult to sit back and relax. Bring the following with you on your next trip to entertain yourself enough to actually enjoy your flight:

    Catch Up on Your Reading

    Flying presents the perfect opportunity to do some serious reading. Whether you have a book or an e-reader, make sure to stock up on a variety of reading materials that give you something to do while you fly. Take advantage of the opportunity and bring reading material that actually keeps you entertained instead of forcing yourself to read something that is dry, boring, and important for work.

    Rely on Technology

    The FAA recently announced that it is lifting its ban on the use of electronics on airlines that meet regulation during taxi and takeoff, which means that you can now use your music players, tablets, and laptops throughout the duration of the flight. When you can listen to music, watch movies, and even catch up on some work, you will not pay as much attention to how much you have left on the flight.

    Make a New Friend

    Since you and your neighbor will be sitting so close together, you might as well use the opportunity to learn something new about each other. If the person sitting next to you seems willing to chat, spend some time talking about your reasons for travel and learning some interesting facts about your seat mate.

    If you handle staying entertained during the flight, Park Plus Airport Parking can handle the airport parking. Our long-term parking services give you the convenience and security you need to feel confident about the condition of your vehicle during your travels. With locations at Newark EWR and Westchester County Airport, we are always here for you. Call (914) 840-2200 to learn more.

    What to Know If You're Travelling with Kids

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Parents traveling with children are allowed to bring larger quantities of formula, breast milk, and other medically-necessary items in carry-on luggage. These items must be declared at the security checkpoint, though, and presented to the offices on duty for inspection.  Everything you bring as carry-on luggage must go through the X-ray machine. If you are planning a trip with children, this video can help you get through security without issue.

    Park Plus Airport Parking gives you even more help when you fly with our airport parking services. Whether you need long or short-term parking, we have what you need. To learn more about our Newark EWR or Westchester County Airport parking services, call (914) 840-2200. 

    A Guide to Choosing the Best Parking Spot for Your Vehicle

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Before you can board the plane and head off to your vacation destination, you will need to find a parking space at the airport. Park Plus Airport Parking provides a variety of great options, making it easy for guests to get out of their cars and onto their flights. Use this guide to learn about parking spot options:

    Consider How Long You Will be Gone

    One of the most important factors to consider when choosing an airport parking spot is how long you will be away from home. Parking spots located nearest to the airport are typically reserved for shorter trips while those located further away work better for long-term trips. Determine how long you will be away from home to figure out how near or far you should park before you leave.

    Determine How Much You Want to Spend

    No matter where you park, you should expect to pay a fee to keep your car safe and supervised. These fees are determined on the distance of the parking spot to the airport, with the closest spots having the highest prices and spots that are further away carrying lower prices. If you set a higher budget for airport parking, you can choose a spot closer to the airport. This makes it easy to quickly find and get in your car once you arrive back home. If you prefer not to spend too much on parking, choose a spot that is further away or consider off-site parking for better deals.

    Work With an Airport Parking Company

    Have an easy airport parking experience by working with a professional company. Park Plus Airport Parking makes it easy to find a great spot at a great price, allowing you to fully enjoy your trip. Our friendly staff can help you learn about parking options available so that you can make the best choice.

    Park Plus Airport Parking is the best choice for your airport parking needs. Contact us at (914) 840-2200 for information about our new Westchester County Airport parking services and specialties. 

    What Are the Advantages of the Frequent Parking Program?

    Last updated 3 months ago

    People who travel a lot know just how hard it can be to deal with airport parking. That is why Park Plus Airport Parking works to hard to provide the best options for all travelers! You can enjoy a smooth and easy traveling experience by choosing our airport parking services before getting on your flight.

    When you choose our airport parking services time after time, you can be a part of our Frequent Parking Program. This program offers benefits to loyal customers, giving them even more advantages when traveling for work or for fun. Members always get the very best deals on airport parking services. The program also makes it easier to check out, allowing travelers to get back to their normal routines quickly when they return home.

    If you are interested in learning more about the Frequent Parking Program, contact the friendly staff here at Park Plus Airport Parking. Call us at (914) 840-2200 for more information about our services and to hear about our new Westchester County Airport location.

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