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What to Expect When You Valet Your Car at the Airport

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No one likes having to board the shuttle to and from the Newark Airport parking lot, or from any parking lot. Why not check out your valet options, instead? Valet has become a commonplace feature in many airports. Here is what you can expect during your valet service at the airport.

“Drop Off” Service
Once you reach the valet stand, your driver will take over the car and drive you straight to your terminal. You never have to leave your comfortable car for a shuttle. You don’t need to worry about unloading your luggage, reloading it on a shuttle, and then unloading it again from the shuttle. Your luggage stays in your car the entire time until you unload it at the terminal. Once you reach the terminal, your valet will safely drive your car to a secure parking lot, and you can board your flight without worry.

“Pick Up” Service
When you land back home, your car will be waiting for you at the terminal. You can load your luggage into your own car instead of a shuttle. The valet will pick you up, drive you back to the valet stand, and you can be on your way back home as soon as possible.

Speedy and Efficient Service
Valet services are meant to be speedy so that the cars are parked as quickly as possible, and their owners can get to where they are heading. Your airport valet will be just as quick and efficient when driving you to and from the airport. When your vehicle is driven by the valet, it will be completely safe. Once it reaches the parking lot, your car will be secure in a monitored Newark parking lot, as well.

If you want convenient parking at Newark Airport, call Park Plus Airport Parking at (973) 273-1500. We have long-term parking at Newark Airport in New Jersey, as well as parking at JFK and LaGuardia Airport parking. Call or visit us online to find out more about our many parking services and locations.

Get Through the Airport in Record Time [INFOGRAPHIC]

Airport travel can be stressful, whether you’re heading out of town for business or for a much-needed vacation. With a little bit of planning, however, you can take some of the stress out of travel and get through the airport more quickly. Before you leave for the airport, check on your flight status to see if it is delayed or even canceled. You can also check in online, which saves you time, particularly if you’re not checking any bags. Make a reservation for airport parking so you don’t risk not finding a space and then missing your flight. Once you get to the airport parking lot near New Jersey, opt for valet service to make your experience even smoother. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about how to save time at the airport. Please share with your friends and fellow air travelers!

Reap the Benefits of Your Frequent Flights with Frequent Parking Perks

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When you take advantage of JFK parking, you can get just as many rewards for your frequent parking as you do for your frequent flying. Many locations partner with Park Plus Airport Parking in JFK to provide their customers with several perks for being so loyal.

Some of the perks you can reap with a frequent parking program are free car washes, discounted parking coupons, and even free parking at JFK. Parking locations wish to show their customers thanks and appreciation for being so loyal. Look into the many rewards you can gain when you park at JFK Airport.

Park Plus Airport Parking appreciates its customers, and we want to show you all the thanks we have to give. We have JFK parking and LaGuardia Airport parking available to you. Call us at (718) 529-1234 to learn about our Frequent Parking Program and the many perks you can get by parking at JFK near New York.

How to Make the Most of Your Newark Flight Delay

JFK parking NewarkIt’s a tough situation when your flight has been delayed, especially after you have already parked in the Newark Airport parking lot and checked your luggage. Instead of sitting around bored and wishing you were at home, check out the following ways you can make your flight delay work for you.

Visit the Museum Gift Shop
Newark Airport has some convenient shopping available to help make the hours of your flight delay go by more quickly. The best shop to visit when searching for last-minute souvenirs might be the Smithsonian Treasures Museum in Terminal C. You can find some nice replica souvenirs along with a shot glass or decorative spoon. If the Smithsonian store doesn’t sound entertaining, there are plenty of other stores to visit and window shop.

Find a Good Restaurant
If there is one thing you can find in an airport, it would be multiple restaurants and cafes. The wait staff and cooks are well-prepared in fast service so you shouldn’t have to worry about missing your flight. They also understand that passengers can be stranded for hours at time, so they may not mind if you hang out and read for a while. Be sure to check the airport map to find a good restaurant original to New York and New Jersey, or you can look for a tried favorite and pick one of the many chain restaurants.

Go to Penn Station
When you are looking at a long delay at Newark Airport, try escaping to the nearby Penn Station. Hop on the AirTrain, which will take you around some of the Newark Airport parking, and head to the NJ Transit Newark Airport Station. You can hop on another train to Penn Station where you can shop, people watch, and just enjoy a change of scenery before your flight.

Don’t let flight delays get you down; call Park Plus Airport Parking at (973) 273-1500. We have Newark Airport parking coupons near New Jersey, along with Newark long-term parking and parking at JFK.

How to Buy Your Tickets

Buying an airline ticket can be an expensive and daunting endeavor. As you’ll see in this short video, there are two ways you can get the best deals.

Whenever possible, it’s a good idea to buy your ticket far in advance so you can lock in a good deal. Just be sure to get a refundable or transferrable option in case you want to shift the dates later on. If you’re traveling on a whim, you might find a great deal on a last-minute booking, as many airlines drop prices in order to fill empty seats.

Whether you’re parking at JFK, EWR, or LaGuardia airport, reach out to the team at Park Plus Airport Parking. You can learn more about our 24/7 parking service by calling our Newark location at (973) 273-1500.

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